How to Set Up Multiple Company Files in QuickBooks?


Quick and easy way to get started with the company's finances. It can also be used to create multiple company files.

The new company interview with the company.

In this post we have shared the quick steps to setup the multiple company files in QuickBooks .

Steps to Set Up the Company File

  1. Launching of the QuickBooks, with the then clicking on the " File " with the main menu bar
  2. Selecting of the " New Company " and get it " Start Interview "
  3. Entering the new company name and address and clicking the " next " button. Navigating the folder on with the computer where you want to save the new company with the " filename for the new company " along with dialog window and then click " save ". QuickBooks creating the new company with clicking " Next " to continue.
  4. Entering with the wizard of the new company set up and for example. One has to click on " Finish " when the WIZARD gets completed.
  5. Switching between the companies. Repeating the process. Also, clicking " FILE " from the ' MENU BAR' and then Select open previous company from the drop-down list and browse the company file which also want to use, then " CLICK OPEN ".


I hope you will be able to set up the company files in QuickBooks desktop. Contact the QuickBooks desktop support team at + 1-800-880-6389 . We are Intuit certified.