Madden NFL 19 is the best representation of the National Football League

The new Madden NFL 19 is already a reality, a breath of fresh air for lovers of a sport that is far from what we are accustomed to in Europe with football or basketball but that undoubtedly moves masses in North America and little to Little is being made a gap among fans of the rest of the world. 


The best representation of the National Football League


As tenths we are facing a new delivery that significantly changes what we enjoyed in the last edition but in some aspects as the language continues to sin. And, the first thing that will call our attention to Madden NFL 19 will be the complete interface in the language of Shakespeare that will have to deal with the least skilled in the language and that will undoubtedly be a stumbling block for the most tactical.


An edition that broadly seems to be quite continuous with that of last year and that will undoubtedly satisfy those fans of the genre who have already played it in past editions. However, at the graphic level it seems that little has changed regardless of various improvements in the modeling of the characters and stadiums. However, this does not mean that it continues to look incredibly well and remains the best work of simulation of this sport.


On the other hand, EA Sports has fully succeeded in advancing the launch of the title one month at the official start of the league, something that has undoubtedly pleased football fans who will be able to enjoy the rest of the summer with this great simulator.


With the Frostbite engine everything is better


Madden NFL 19 franchise employs the well known Frostbite engine that has left such good sensations in both the last edition and the last editions of the acclaimed FIFA. The first thing that stands out is the new animations in the previous ones of the matches that will make us feel as if we were in a real game, as well as the animations of the stadiums, the ambient sound and the celebrations of the players.


A very careful possibilities, practically to the extreme, where the facial expressions of the players, coaches and even the referee will not leave anyone indifferent even in adverse weather conditions that will make us strive to the maximum in each game. has been providing cheap Madden 19 Points! You are able to buy cheapest Madden 19 Points from! We offer you the best and fast service. All this along with a sound section of scandal that gives free rein to a perfect recreation of what is American football both in the tactics of the players and in the newly chosen commentators for this new release.


Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis will be responsible for putting the excitement during each game, some stories that in principle can be a bit dry for less lovers of the sport but little by little they will feel familiar and may even be in tension on more than one occasion. On the other hand, Jonathan Coachman liven up the breaks and the tactics of training giving life to the game at all times.