The website (owned by GAI – Association of the Circuit of Young Italian Artists) aims at disseminating information, institutional communication and promotion; some of the website tools are available for free to registered users for personal non-profit purposes.

The user who intends to take advantage of these tools has to provide the Personal Data required for the registration. The data have to be updated, comprehensive and truthful and promptly refreshed in case of changes. The Editorial office reserves the right to delete profiles displaying Personal Data that openly do not fulfil the above statement.

Only users aged 18 and older have the right to register to create a user profile.

All services (database, access to pages and sections, Newsletter) are available with no guarantee whatsoever, explicit or implicit. The Website has a back-up of the pages but neither the Editorial office nor the administrator nor GAI are to be held accountable in case of loss of information or in case of damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Website, including damages to the users’ computer systems caused by viruses.

Also, GAI, the Editorial office and the Website administrator do not guarantee the indefinite duration of the services and therefore reserve the right to suspend at any moment the publication of the contents or to deactivate the Website, parts of it or specific applications of it.

By making use of the Website, the user bears the risk that the information found be incomplete, not accurate or that the services be temporarily suspended or not be up to one’s expectations and needs.

The user that intends to exercise a right, a demand or an action against any other user concerning the use of the services offered by the Website, commits to keep out of the discussion GAI, the administrator and the Editorial office of the Website.

Database and user’s profile

Personal data given by users at the moment of registration will be handled in compliance with the current regulations on data protection. Users have the opportunity to take advantage at any time, directly through the Website, of the rights as stated in the Lgs. D. 196/2003. In particular, they are able to: - access their profile and check the Personal Data stored in the database; - complete and update their profile keeping in mind they have to reflect the principle of truthfulness; - delete smoothly and automatically their registration. Deleting the registration triggers the removal of the user’s profile from the database as well as of all the submitted material.

The Editorial office will manage the Website  and will take all reasonable measures to check for accuracy the data submitted by the users. The Editorial office holds the right with irrevocable decision to refuse the publication or to step in and remove contents considered offensive, vulgar, intentionally provoking, dealing with insults, abuses, contents punishable by law or for other different reasons. Also, the files created aiming solely at provoke or not keeping to the point of the relevant discussion, will be deleted by default; in case of doubt, the author will be asked to complete/amend the contents so as to reflect the terms and conditions and the spirit of the Website, without this being any positive guarantee.

Every opinion published in the on-line comments and profiles solely belongs to its author who is accountable on a civil, penal and administrative level stemming from the publication of the submitted material. The users, by submitting their personal information, declare and guarantee to keep GAI, the Editorial office and the administrators of the Website harmless and unaccountable for any prejudicial effect and/or action advanced by third parties regarding the disclosed or published material.

In case of a request coming from the authority in charge, in the framework of a routine or extraordinary investigation or verification, the Editorial office holds the right to disclose the IP (Internet Protocol) of the author of a comment or a profile and all other information stored on the Website.

Any improper profile creation is not allowed. Should such behaviour occur, the Editorial office holds the right to cancel these users and to remove the submitted contents.

Institutional pages and board for news, articles, contests

The board with news, articles, contests displays information received from the users; the Editorial office will update the lists by adding any recommendation found in line with the services provided by the website. However, it will not be accountable for the accuracy and truthfulness of the information.

GAI, the Editorial office and the administrators of the website cannot guarantee for the contents of the website. They will do all that is in their power to guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of the information, of the services and of all the shared contents on the website, but will not be accountable for possible mistakes or outdated information.

Downloading contents from the website is allowed only where specifically authorized as directed within the web pages; the authorization is granted solely for personal and non-commercial use of the contents. Any other form of exploitation is strictly forbidden.

Rules of conduct (Netiquette)

In the website it is strictly forbidden:

1) to use vulgar language or vulgar, aggressive, provocative, discriminating, libellous, slanderous, offensive, insulting expressions, and/or that damage or are likely to damage the honourableness of third parties, groups, corporations, associations, societies or that are against the law, public order and morality;

2) To send for publication any materials with contents that are offensive, obscene or that in any way go against current laws;

3) To disseminate personal data (general details, address, telephone and so on) of third parties. We encourage users to be also very cautious when sharing their own personal data, in particular not to share them in “public settings”;

4) To make use of the website services to promote commercial activities or to make publicity, including “spamming”;

5) To clone other users’ nicknames or to resort to any other system to take other users’ identities

Users commit not to disseminate in their announcements any material urging criminal acts or leading to civil or penal responsibility or to otherwise breach laws or local, state, National or International regulations.

Images containing names, alias, portraits or images of celebrities and/or public figures, portraits, images, names or nicknames (that reveal their identities) of third parties unless they were given pre-emptively and imperatively their or their tutor’s agreement.

The Editorial office holds the right to block the publication on the Website or to remove all the contents that do not reflect the above statements and all other rules of civility or respect

To report any abuse or inputs deemed inappropriate, please write to abuse [at] giovaniartisti [dot] it (abuse [at] giovaniartisti [dot] it)