What is the GAI Association?
The Association of the Circuit of Young Italian Artists is a network of public administrations (municipalities, provinces, regions) that joined forces to promote initiatives and opportunities addressed to young artists.

Who can join?
The network is open to administrations such as provincial capital municipalities, provincial and regional administrations that share the Association’s principles and that have launched (or intend to launch) initiatives and facilities with the objective the information and promotion of young artists.

What is required from artists?
Every artist, whether resident or studying or working in one of the members-cities of the Association and aged 35 years or younger, can apply to the Association’s representative to take part in the relevant initiatives. Also, artists can simply apply on the internet by filling in the on-line form. They will be included in the local archive and database and on the website database.

Where is the Association?
The full directory of the cities that are members of the Association is available on the link Contacts

How can an organization register?
Organizations wishing to join have to get in touch with the Secretariat of the Association to go through the relevant procedure. This includes adding the membership approval act into the statute and the payment of an annual fee.

What does the Association offer to its members?
It gives the opportunity to take part in all initiatives carried out by its affiliated organizations and the chance to suggest activities addressed to other organizations. It also gives the opportunity to take part in national and international projects addressed to young artists. For registered artists: information, scholarships, contests and other opportunities

Who are the Selected Artists and how to be selected?
They are a choice of artists selected by the cities members of the Association. The cities draw a list of the best artists from their archives, selected through the various local and national initiatives. Each of the selected artists has a file including images, records, résumé and information on their work. The artists wishing to be selected have to apply to the branch closest to their residence.

What does the Association offer to cultural organizations?
It offers a partnership with projects addressed to young artists, links to the world of young artists, a widespread promotion of its initiatives.