The projects by the City of Venice in the framework of Italia Creativa can be structured into three areas:


  • Network for Young creators:
    - enhance the figure of the young curator;
    - contribute to international networking experiences such as Bjcem;
    - carry out an in-depth examination forum on the new practices for curators.
  • CrissCrossing. Network  and culture queer practices
    - bring to light and enhance the new artistic expressions in the framework of the fight against discrimination
    - implement new networks of national and international relations, of festivals and of cultural referents
    - carry out an in-depth examination seminar addressed to cultural operators.
  • I love Italy. Young Italian creative artists in Berlin tell the story of Italy:
    - promote Italian art and culture abroad by involving young Italian artists;
    - strengthen and launch cooperation ventures with young artists’ associations, art galleries and carry out artistic events between Berlin and Venice.