Events November-December 2010

4 great moments of national meeting


CREATIVE ITALY (ITALIA CREATIVA) is a project aimed at developing and promoting creativity of Italian youth. It is managed by the Department of Youth – Presidency of the Council of Ministers in partnership with ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and GAI, Association of the Circuit of Young Italian Artists.

For the two-year period 2009-2010, Italia Creativa has promoted new activities over the whole national territory aiming at developing a support network for young creatives through training and information events, promotion and research activities.

The project involved Italian artists through an activity network system set up by some leading cities: the meeting, focusing on priority lines of action and primary intervention sectors, has dealt with topics such as the artistic production, the connection between culture and the market, talent promotion, knowledge, professional growth, the development of facilities.

Four important public sessions closed the work programme: during these meetings, the public and the experts were able to appraise the completed projects and achievements, reflect on the main topics of the programme and have a chance to examine the upcoming trends.

  • 5 - 6 November - Turin

Friday 5 November
From 14:00 to 18:00 / opening of the conference and first two sessions

Saturday 6 November
From 09:30 to 14:00 / last two sessions and closing of the conference

Vittoria Theatre- Via Gramsci 4

This meeting reflects on economy and territorial investments of culture in relation with youth; it also triggers thoughts and discussions aimed at identifying the most effective policies and lines of action for positive outcomes. The conference delves on the role played by creativity in the context of social development and economic growth of the country, especially during a recession phase, through the comparison between the observation of real life and good operating practices.

The conference was organized in partnership with AEC – Association for the Economy of Culture and was part of the meeting cycle Youth. Creativity and information in the framework of Turin 2010 – European Youth Capital.

Via Garibaldi 59 - 10122 Turin
Tel.  +39 011 5629021
info [at] seceassociati [dot] it


  • 12 - 13 November - Padua
    Gemine Muse "CREATIVITY AND TERRITORY" National Forum

Friday 12 November / FORUM
10:00-18:00 - Auditorium Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano

Saturday 13 November / PORTFOLIO
10:00-13:00 - Arte Fiera, Padua

The Forum will welcome artists and curators who had previously taken part in the previous two Gemine Muse events, representatives and operators from the involved GAI cities, political figures and partners of the project and prominent figures from the Italian art and culture system that have contributed over the years to the staging of the event.

The event took the time to assess the progression and the improvement of the project through the launch of a new phase aimed at identifying objectives and policies for the development and promotion of the creativity of Italian youth.

The event was staged in partnership with the Municipality of Padua.

INFO AND RESERVATIONS: Municipality of Padua - Progetto Giovani office
Via Altinate 71 - 35122 Padua
Tel. +39 049 8204795 - fax +39 049 8204747
pg [dot] creativita [at] comune [dot] padova [dot] it


  • 25 / 27 November - Bari
    Italia Creativa Festival 

It was an artistic display of the initiatives produced in the last two years, the result of a selection from the best national exploits in fifteen venues of Creative Italy; an intense agenda with shows, performances, literary readings, video screenings, meetings with the main actors of the project. It was the occasion to make known to the public the new Italian rising artists from the various fields of arts: an agenda featuring over 20 events for more than 70 artists and curators to get to know in Bari the sparkling artistic scene of Puglia.

Creative Italy Festival was carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Bari – Department for Youth Educational Policies Hospitality Peace and with the Region Puglia – Department for Mediterranean, Culture, and Tourism.

Via Marchese di Montrone 80 - 70122 Bari
Tel. +39 349 5445385
info [at] acquaintesta [dot] it


  • 3 - 4 December - Lucca
    Artist-in-residence: training, production and web promotion

    Auditorium San Romano

A two-day event with the teachers and the scholarship holders who took part in the Workshow artistic training projects, round tables and presentations, exhibitions and performances in partnership with the cities involved in the network: Ancona, Campobasso, Cagliari, Lucca, Messina, Perugia, Reggio Calabria, Viterbo. A unique wrap-up view on the two-year training for the new artist-in-residence on the territory that attempts to make a theoretic crossbreeding of different disciplines. At the same time, the projects for discussion will be analyzed aiming at implementing in the future the educational and artistic format that has been, on a national and international level, one of the best in its kind.

Contact person: Antonio Rama – in charge of Events
Tel. +39 0583 48522
eventigames [at] luccacomicsandgames [dot] com


INFO: GAI – association of the circuit of young Italian artists
Presidency and Secretariat: City of TurinNational Secretariat: Via S. Francesco da Paola 3 – 10123 Turin
Tel. +39 011.4430020/ 45 - Fax +39 0114430021   - Toll-free number (in Italy) 800807082 - info [at] giovaniartisti [dot] it