expressive young festival

expressive young festival

A project promoted and organized by the Department for Culture and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Prato with the support of the creative team FREeS.CO.

This is a festival of contemporary culture, a hub for meetings and dialogue where artists, designers, musicians and creative people give their specific contribution thanks to their talent, and outline the features of today’s art.

Through a range of workshops, exhibitions, educational activities, performances, shows, installations of permanent works in various locations of the city, meetings, FREeSHOUT!? involves many counterparts aiming at enhancing a network of artists and cultural operators from various disciplines. The focus is on the potential of creativity today, especially coming from the younger resources.

The festival kick-starts with a call for applications to shortlist the artistic projects for the exhibition. This list is complemented with a wide range of artists, also from abroad, to broaden the scope of the event and guarantee a large-scale visibility to all artists in attendance.

In the 2009 event, held between 1 and 4 October, FREeSHOUT!? sets up a landscape of fictitious countries and mini-nations, concrete or mental states conceived out of the blue and retold through a diverse range of creative works.

The selected artists and the works tell the story of today’s world through clashes and hyperboles. To this aim, they take a stab at critical documentation of contemporary wonders; they try to explain the potential alternatives arising from historical variables; they delve on the cross-references between social order and the intimate nature of human beings. They find the key of their art’s expression in the creation of political, geographical and social patterns. We deal with a collection of entities that reflect the thinking patters of their creators in relation or in opposition with the rules of real life. It is an alternative world by the name Iperuranio, the world where ideas belong to, according to Plato. These are the ideas that FREeSHOUT!? considers arising and applied in a creative act, which explains “Un Mondo Ideato” (“A conceived world”).

One the projects selected through the call for applications will be awarded a grant for a cultural project