A network of creative workshops

A network of creative workshops

Artist-in-residence projects at art centres are an opportunity for young artists coming from diverse backgrounds and origins, for training and experimentation. A melting pot of cultures, experiences, ways and styles of life and approach to art and creating art. They are not only multicultural hubs but especially an opportunity for intercultural dialogue and cooperation among artists from different cultures and disciplines.

The project aims at achieving the following main goals:

  • contribute to the training process of young artists with high quality training projects;
  • encourage the mobility of young people to enhance growth and sharing opportunities;
  • support the creation and circulation of artistic projects;
  • promote the territory and encourage the host community towards an intercultural dimension.

The goal is to create a network of the events and the facilities open to artist-in-residence projects on the whole national territory and in particular on the central and southern part of Italy, so as to exponentially increase the potential of each experience.

Setting up a production and experimentation circuit is a key prerequisite for the creation of a network to share and circulate projects and ideas.

The project is addressed to young artists residing in the European Community, living or working in Italy, aged between 18 and 35 years.