Jennifer Egista

Jennifer Egista


Born in: Ivrea

Lives in: Casale Monferrato - Alessandria

Age: 33



Jennifer Egista Milani is a self-taught Italian artist who has been passionate about drawing since childhood.

Born in 1985, her artistic vein grew steadily as she grew and, after being a successful powerboat racer for almost 10 years (in the 2007 she won the 2nd place at the World Championship Endurance,, Jennifer then began to dedicate all of her time to her passion for art.

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In the year 2010 she joined the Institute of Fine Arts in Vercelli, Italy, where she attended drawing class for one year, and then painting class for two years.

Jennifer performs her works constantly, going in search of reality, perfection, harmony and beauty that can excite the viewer. She loves to draw and portray different kinds of subjects, but she’s specializes in drawing automobiles  and drawings about the Carnival of Venice, in hyper-realistic style.

She continued to study and work hard as a self-taught artist to improve her skills, until she was finally invited to display her artworks in Venice (Italy) and in Laguna Beach (California, USA), and in 2016, she won both awards and art competitions and was been published in art magazines and books.

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Jennifer is member of:

Giovani Artisti Italiani :

Australian Society of Coloured Pencil Artists:

Pencil Art Society of Canada:


  •  "AWARD  OF  EXCELLENCE  2017 - The honorary Member Award of Excellence"  in the Australian Art Competition "Colourbration 2017", with the drawing "The depth of the rainbow".


  • BEST EMERGING ARTIST 2016 – The Ann Kullberg Encouragement Award” in the Australian Art Competition “Colourbration 2016”, with the drawing "Carnival of Venice".




  • My "Step by Step" article of my drawing "The depth of the rainbow" published on the January 2018 issue of the american magazine "Color Magazine", 2018. (U.S.A.)
  • Drawing "The depth of the rainbow" published in the book edited by Ann Kullberg, "CP Treasures Vol. 5", 2017. (U.S.A.).
  • Drawing "Carnival of Venice" published in the book edited by Ann Kullberg, "CP Hidden Treasures Vol III", 2016. (U.S.A.).
  • Critique article in Ann Kullberg’s COLOR Magazine, July 2016. (U.S.A.).
  • Drawing "Dragster Challenge" in the Featured Gallery of the magazine "Colore Pencil Magazine", July 2016. (U.S.A.).
  • Drawing "Carnival of Venice" published in the "Australian Artist" magazine, October 2016. (Australia).
  • Drawings "Carnival of Venice" and "Corvette 1963 LW Grand Sport" published in "Colored Pencil Magazine", January 2017. (U.S.A.).