Jennifer Egista

Jennifer Egista


Born in: Ivrea

Lives in: Casale Monferrato - Alessandria

Age: 32



Jennifer is an young Italian artist, passionate about drawing since childhood and always been self-taught, this artistic vein grew steadily over the years up to join in 2010 at the Institute of Fine Arts in Vercelli.

Complete bio
li. Here, attending the drawing class for one year and the painting class for two years, she honed her skills and produced highly detailed drawings, from the simplest design traced in graphite Jennifer comes quickly to have excellent knowledge of various techniques to not only drawing but also painting, we can find her works made with charcoal, graphite, spindle-tree, sanguine, dry pastels, pencils chalk, watercolor pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, chalks, watercolors, acrylic and oil paints.

Jennifer performs his works constantly going in search of reality, perfection, harmony and beauty who can excite the viewer.

Because of Jennifer’s deeply rooted artistic passion and innate talent, she was welcomed to  display her creations on the international stage at an exposition in Venice, Italy. To that end, her drawing titled “Portrait of a Mask, Venice Carnival” was showcased in the Venice LIV8 Art Gallery. Further, Jennifer Egista’s “Venetian Artistic Masks” and the drawing “The Diamnond Mask” were prominently displayed in the acclaimed Italian San Gallo Theatre and Hotel Casa Petrarca, both in Venice.

Not only the purely artistic projects in which Jennifer is committed, but also graphics. Wherever needed creativity, Jennifer does not hold back ..! She has designed the livery of the P1 offshore crew Official World Championship of Belgium in 2009.
The 2B1 Racing Team owner personally recruited Jennifer to develop and design a new, fresh approach to their existing team powerboat designs. Built by the American company “Fountain”, and sponsored by “Furnibo”, the powerboat and its new graphic design truly became the face of the team. The boat was featured in numerous brochures and pamphlets throughout the powerboat racing world. In this literature, Jennifer was lauded as the boat’s sole graphic designer. The boat ultimately competed at the World Championship of the Powerboat P1 class: the most competitive mono-hull class. Having participated in some of the most grueling events, the boat, adorned with Jennifer Egista’s  design, has been featured throughout Europe, on international television programs, and
nautical magazines all over the world. This world-wide exposure ultimately led to other design requests, as other professionals recognized Jennifer’s talents.


  • “BEST EMERGING ARTIST 2016 – The Ann Kullberg Encouragement Award” in the Australian Art Competition “Colourbration 2016”, with the drawing “Carnival of Venice”.


  • Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures Vol III, 2016.
  • Critique article in Ann Kullberg’s COLOR Magazine, July 2016.
  • Drawing “Dragster Challenge” in the Featured Gallery of the magazine “Colore Pencil Magazine”, July 2016.