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Movin'Up - international mobility for young italian artists

movinupMovin'Up is the main Italian programme to support the international mobility of artists and of cultural operators, in the sectors of visual arts and performing arts.
Created in 1999 by GAI, since 2003 the project has been carried out with the Mibac - the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.
The programme has to this day allowed the support of 667 out of 2.050 projects presented [visual and sound arts (approx.  45%), theatre - dance - music (approx. 40%), others (approx.  5%)], for a total of over 1.200 artists and has assigned by means of a specific competition 4 Residency Scholarships at prestigious international institutions, directed towards artists of the visual arts sector.
The competition, subdivided in annual sessions, is directed at young creatives between 18 and 35 in the sectors of art, architecture, design, music, cinema, video, theatre, dance, performance, writing, and offers to the winners a contribution to cover part of the costs of travel, food, accommodation and production abroad.



DAB - design per artshop e bookshop

Museum merchandising in Italy is a sector that joins two excellences of our country: museums and design. The DAB competition, in its 6th edition, promoted in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena, is directed at young Italian designers, under 35, inviting them to design contemporary objects and/or objects inspired by the immense Italian cultural and artistic heritage, to be sold in bookshops and museum art shops.
In the past editions over 430 prototypes were chosen, designed by 140 designers, for the shows that took place at the Galleria Civica of Modena, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Rome, the Macef of Milan and Castel Sant'Elmo of Naples, MAXXI of Rome. Among these, some were produced by specialised companies or produced by the designers themselves and presented at the Triennale of Milan, Museum Expressions of Paris and Open Design Italia of Venice, in addition to being sold in various bookshops, managed by Electa Mondadori, among which those of the Biennale of Venice, the Mart of Trento and the Madre of Naples.