Guidelines and projects



movinupThe main Italian program to support the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals in the fields of visual and performing arts. Created in 1999 by GAi, since 2004 is implemented with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage . To date, Movin'Up supported 463 projects of 1,226, for a total of 905 artists and has awarded 4 residency grants at international institutions, addressed to  artists in the visual arts sector.

A competition for the target of an annual fund paid out in different sessions, designed to reward young Italian talent by giving them an opportunity to study and work abroad with the partial or total coverage of their expenses .

The artistic sectors concerned are : visual arts, architecture, design, music, films, video, theater, dance, performance, writing.

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DAB - artshop & bookshop design

The museum merchandising in Italy is an area that connects two Italian excellences: Museums and Design. But has not yet been explored in all its potential. The competition for Artshop DAB Design and Bookshop, now in its third edition, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena, is aimed at young Italian designers (under 35) for the design and production of objects of art and design to sell in commercial areas of Italian museums.

In the past editions have been selected a total of 56 prototypes, while 10 items were put into production and sold in the italian museum bookshop in the DABXGAI Line. The third edition includes sidebars, including a line of eco-friendly items and a new line of products for DAB Italian Museums.

153 candidates have responded to the invitation and the works of 38 designers and artists have been selected. The chosen works will be widespread throughout Italy thanks to a traveling exhibition.