Italia Creativa (Creative Italy) - initiatives

Lines of action and initiatives

TALENT SCOUTING AND PROMOTION OF THE ARTISTS – let’s put the scene of Italian creativity in the spotlight

  • ARTEFATTO / Trieste
    A workshop of free flow experimentation, a shared planning exercise in the domains of arts, training, and creation. Setting up a string of events and training activities leading up to the collective artistic exhibition.
  • BORN TO WRITE – Fiction and Poetry / Parma and Florence
    The project is made up of the following actions: LaLunaDiTraverso, fiction magazine that also includes other artistic fields; Inchiostri d’autore, a report on specific and diverse topics (cinema, art criticism, writing and so forth); Nodo Sottile, a training path for poetry structured into a seminar, a temporary workbook and readings; Due Antologie, published by a national publisher, present the poetry and fiction authors selected through a national competition.
  • EXTRA – Signals from the new Italian scene / Modena e Castrovillari (CS)
    Select, bring to light and circulate young artists in the field of live show production. Closing event in Forlì
  • FREeSHOUT!?– expressive young festival / Prato
    Multi-disciplinary festival of contemporary culture, an important occasion for meeting and sharing, revolving around a main theme.
    Presentation of the new works of young artists through the connection with the masterpieces of the past.
    National competition for young creative artists working in the fields of communication and visual design.
    Building a complex of exhibition areas within the urban fabric to host site specific works from young Italian artists. Artists will have a chance to deal with the public sector.
  • MOVIMENTAZIONI - Cross culture in young Italian art / Genoa
    A project dealing with the way different cultures meet in Italian cities, especially in the Mediterranean area, analyzed through the language of young art.
  • QUOTIDIANA / Padua
    Under-35 contemporary art exhibition, aimed at promoting artistic production and introducing young creative artists into the art market.
    National meeting of young creativity.

CREATIVITY AND ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY – artistic innovation seen as a market resource

    programme to allocate grants for the production or artistic projects of particular interest.

TRAINING – a line of action to boost the professional growth of young artists

  • LA SQUOLA – A residence campus for creativity and development / Biella
    Creation of a residence training centre in Biella in partnership with Centro Studi S. Santagata – EBLA and Pistoletto Foundation.
  • ARTEGIÒ / Venice. Aim of the “Artegiò” project is to support and enhance the creative efforts of cultural associations, informal youth groups, creative crews, operators’ and corporations’ networks that fight the many forms of social discrimination and engage in active citizenship expressions. This project operates in a context of towns of artistic interest, where global tourism dynamics play a key role in the production and fruition of culture.
  • … E’ UN PICCOLO PASSO / Vicenza
    It is a short film contest and a national video festival to support the young Italian video makers.
  • WORKSHOW – on-line creative laboratories / Campobasso, Ancona, Cagliari, Lucca, Messina, Perugia, Reggio Calabria, Viterbo
    Creative workshops to assign scholarships for residences/workshops run by artists of national stature in the various artistic fields.

COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION, RESEARCH – a line of action in support of the cities’ network and the national projects

Research activities / Communication campaign / Conferences / Publishing