China third party inspection company

--Inspections of oil and gas products mainly cover valves, pipe fittings, steel pipes, pressure vessels, flow meters, metering skids and pumps. The specialization in oil and gas products improves our professionalism.
--The inspection and control of ISO9001 satisfies every customer.
--We established top standard technician teams. Top teams make top quality.
--Our inspectors are working in all places of the world.
--We are versed in design, manufacturing and testing requirements of all standards, including API,ANSI,DIN,BS,JIS,GB,GOST, for valves, steel pipes, flow meters, metering skids and pumps used for petroleum pipelines and natural gas pipelines.
--Free and effective communications are maintained between J-PECO, the customers and the manufacturers. The customers will get the finished reports within 24hours after the inspection.