hot chocolate to make you think of Christmas

I hope that you're all doing well this PANDORA Wish Collection Clearance Sale – I'm sorry not to have been around as much, but I do bear tidings today that discounted Pandora is back on Rue La La today! The sale includes previous pieces from last month's sale, but at an increased rate of discount at 50% off. The Pandora boutique is open now and will be available until 25 October at 11AM ET.

I am not, Pandora Gifts for Christmas Clearance Sale, immediately desperate to indulge in a new bracelet concept and I'm going to reserve judgement proper until I've seen this in store. There's just something about the Moments line that I love so much – the best pieces are often wonderfully eclectic and personable and quirky, or they feature beautiful glasswork, or pretty florals – and this line strikes me as something much more like standard jewellery. It's nice and looks stunning in some of the campaign images, but I love my charm bracelets!

In general, which icon mickey and Pandora Gifts for Birthday Clearance Sale do you guys like better? The enamel or the sparkling? I can't decide which I want to go for… I initially liked the enamel but my bracelet will have a little sparkle in it so maybe that would match better??? I would love any thoughts, suggestions, or experience with either set! Thanks.