How to use Account Numbers in QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts?

In this post, we will briefly discuss about the use of account number in QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts. We will provide you complete insight so that you can enable the account numbers in the QuickBooks Online. If you are looking for instant support for the QuickBooks Online or any other problem associated with it – you can get in touch with one of accounting expert immediately. Our QuickBooks help team will be more happy to help you.


Enabling the Account Number in QuickBooks Online

Steps to Enable the Account Number in QuickBooks Online:-

1.       Go to the “Settings” tab appear with a ‘Gear’ icon, choose the “Account and Settings” tab.

2.      From the ‘Menu’ bar, choose the “Advanced” tab.

3.      Go to the chart present in the “Account” section and hit onto the “Edit” tab.

4.      Choose the “Enable Account Number” option.

5.      Finally, you are all set to go.

QuickBooks Online assigns certain numbers to each existing account, it is based on a conventional system of numbering which goes the exact same for all the accounts. The numbers as well as their classifications are provided listed below for your fast recommendation:

Numbers in the 1000s are for Asset Accounts

Numbers in the 2000s are for Liability Accounts

Numbers in the 3000s are for Equity Accounts

Numbers in the 4000s are for Income Accounts

Numbers in the 5000s are for Cost of Sales Accounts

Numbers in the 6000s and 7000s are for Other Operating Costs Accounts

Numbers in the 8000s are for Other Revenue Accounts

Numbers in the 9000s are for Other Expense Accounts


If you are facing any problem or issue associated with the ‘QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts’, you can contact the QuickBooks technical support experts for hassle free service .i.e. 1-800-880-6389.