What are the Effective Ways to Alphabets Teach Children below Five?

The first foundation of the study is getting familiar with the alphabet. When your child starts recognizing alphabets and can able to spell out alphabets clearly, the schooling journey can become easy for him. Many parents live a hectic and busy lifestyle. They are not capable of providing adequate time to teaching their children alphabets. These parents can plan to hire a home-based educator. It has its advantages. These teachers teach children in a homely environment. The children ratio over one teacher is not maximum than 4 or 6. In New Zealand,  Home2Grow  is a leading chain of the home-based service provider. Children feel comfortable living with such educators. Below are some effective ways to teach alphabets to children. 


  • An alphabet chart from the market to hang it in the place from where it can visible easily. Every day, take your child near to the chart and tell him the sound of each alphabet and animals starting with those alphabets. If you maintain the routine for 10 to 15 days regularly, your child may start recognizing at least 30% of the alphabets nearly 5-6 alphabets. It can be good initial progress. 


  • The second thing you can do is to take him the garden. In an open clear sky, a garden serves a naturally welcoming environment. The child will enjoy it a lot. Play with him the alphabet recognition game. Pick some pebbles to create an alphabet shape and prompt your child to recognize those alphabets. It is how you can teach your child how to recognize the alphabet. Instead of investing in expensive games to teach the alphabet, it is possible with a little investment. 


  • Wooden alphabet blocks from the toy store because it can be the best toy to teach alphabets. Lay these wooden blocks on the floor and ask your child to bring a particular alphabet that you are asking him to bring. Count one to ten and ask him to recognize the particular alphabet wooden block until the counting finish. It will encourage the child to focus on and recognize the alphabet quickly. 


  • Children are always excited to hear bedtime stories. In this situation, you can do one effective thing to teach the alphabet without knowing him. Bring a storybook featuring images and a few sentences. These are short stories that slowly and steadily teach him alphabets and increase his interest in reading books.  


  • These are well-tested tips to teach children alphabets. 


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