Some Most Common Types of Chemicals Used by Oilfield Companies



The oilfield company has to depend on high-end oil processing equipment and chemicals to maintain the flow of production. With the advancement of technology, production is becoming easy. Now, custom chemicals are available that works exactly the way you expect. Chemical plants first analyze a chemical through advanced laboratory tests. When the sample crosses each test successfully,   chemical blending services   take  place in bulk to meet the demand. Various types of chemicals are used by oilfield companies that help to enhance production. 


The oil and gas industry uses a broad range of antiscalants. These chemicals are used to control scale production that clogs the pipeline and causes obstruction in the flow of production. An antiscalant is injected in the pipelines with water. A high-pressure applied with water to clean the formation of iron, strontium, and barium based scale. The chemical is recommended to use frequently to get control over a range of conditions such as high temperatures, high hardness, and high total dissolved solids. It is an effective treatment. 

 Corrosion Inhibitors 

The oil and gas industry uses corrosion inhibitors for a range of applications such as gas plants, transportation lines, disposal wells, and barges. Corrosion inhibitors are capable of decreasing costs and increasing production. It requires for the proper functioning of pipelines by increasing their lifespan. During the production of oil or gas, a wellbore produces water that leads to corrosion. The inhibitor forms a water-resistant organic film on the surface. 

 Oxygen Scavengers

A metal pipeline is infected with corrosion when it comes to the contact of water and oxygen. Therefore, corrosion inhibitors are not so effective treatments. Therefore, oxygen scavengers are recommended to control corrosion resulting from dissolved oxygen. These scavengers are usually bisulfite or sulfite formulation which reacts with oxygen. 

 Friction Reducers

These reducers help increase the flow rate of oil production. It is applied in horizontal and highly deviated wellbores. It is found in slurry or liquid form. The chemical decreases the friction in the wellbore during the drilling and stimulation process. It reduces the friction of the pipe and gives passage to the oil. 

 Emulsion Breakers 

These are those chemicals capable of separating the water in oil or oil in water. When an emulsion breaker is added, it collects oil droplets and helps to restore it in a separate container. During the production of oil from the wellbore, water also comes out in a great quantity that needs to be separated from the oil. It is an emulsion breaker that helps in collecting oil.