clothing sales rankings ranked sixth and the first two are self

REVOLVE's own brand has Cheap Prom Dresses been quite successful, and with a 600% annual rate of rapid growth .Mike to disclose Quartz "Ranked REVOLVE clothing sales rankings ranked sixth and the first two are self-employed and REVOLVE design brand. "To a large extent because retailers can obtain greater profit margins from import brands, so every single one sold all earn more. this is probably not the first time Amazon hint They will create their own fashion brand, two clues are derived from the Amazon India; Amazon wants to do everything possible to become number one in the field of fashion in India. in addition, the Times of India reported that Amazon had earlier this year, are trying to recruit appropriate personnel in the process from Milan latest news, Italian accessories brand Furla has signed with Ratti on a series of men's and women's textile production and distribution Long Prom Dresses UK of three-year agreement .Furla CEO Eraldo Poletto will define this cooperation an important harvest to determine the company for the establishment of strong determination lifestyle portfolio .Furla recent no signs of slowing down performance, the company CEO Eraldo Poletto called Furla "magic moment." as in the first six months of june 30, to benefit from the performance of major markets growth, Italian accessories company Furla revenue grew 30% to 151.5 million euros (about 177.2 million US dollars). in October, Furla and De Rigo Vision glasses renew franchise agreements .Furla has developed accessories for men and footwear sector, and plans watch the launch at the end of the year category, as well as the introduction of leather customized services in 2016. the company will also focus on the development of first fragrance. White Prom Dresses UK the signing of the terms of cooperation with women Ratti, series products including scarves and silk, chiffon, cashmere blended , silk and viscose products and printing series version inspired by the iconic Furla handbags, as well as graffiti and cartoons, and even animals, striae and spiral abstract artwork. menswear collection designed geometric patterns, color effects include and exclusive security printing. this series will be sold in boutiques and Furla brand online mall .Furla headquartered in Bologna, Italy, during the first half the company has added 39 stores, mainly in Europe, followed by Asia-Pacific region, the United States and Japan, until now the total number of stores to 437 .Furla brand has now expanded to 100 countries worldwide, with more than more than 1,100 brand stores. 2014 full year, the company turnover of 2Purple Prom Dresses62 million euros (about 348.4 million US dollars), and 2013 compared to an increase of 13% .CEO Eraldo Poletto think Furla supply chain, store, marketing and communications sector with outstanding performance. he said, "the luxury industry is experiencing low tide, but we're against the current, high-end luxury market is still there are many opportunities to take advantage of. "he said the company is fully positive action, such as innovation, store environment and customer service to expand the market for luxury goods, but the ultimate goal is to achieve lower prices, more impressive quality to win. Ratti CEO Sergio Tamborini said the two companies are rooted in tradition and culture of the Italian soil, we understand how to invest .Ratti by the Antonio Ratti was founded in 1945 in terms of quality and quality standards, the Italian company since 2010, will is part of the Marzotto Group. and the family of the same name Marzotto Group in 1961 listed the fashion business from the 1991 acquisition of Hugo Boss began to develop in 2002, the acquisition of Valentino form a dual brand pattern, Marzotto heyday also owns Malboro Classics MCS, Missoni, Phillip Morris , licensing brands such as Gianfranco Ferré, the staff of 11,000. latest news from Milan, the Italian luxury group Tod's will be 415 million euros (about 441.7 million US dollars) to buy luxury footwear brand Roger Vivier brand ownership.