I really don't feel cheap RuneScape gold that

I really don't feel cheap RuneScape gold that you're giving MTX enough credit tbh, a number of these games that are doing really really well that have plenty of MTX are different to RS in a couple of ways - they don't have any end goal concerning progress, there is no 5.4b xp mark where you go oh shit ok there's nothing more which MTX can get me and you then go oh fuck jesus christ I wasted lots of money on this. Games with that kinda MTX model don't have a finish point and that is by design, people that twist 5.4b (or even max/a few 99s/120s ect) are fulfilled with an emptiness that's somewhat unparalleled and therefore they will stop once they fulfill that aim, additional games do not have that kinda goal.

Likewise other games largely had MTX within their inception, RS runescape players are largely conservative in nature (although you can argue that this has changed recently) and so enormous changes such as including MTX and producing the runescape game mostly MTX centric will drive them off, and it's in droves, to OSRS. Prefer simplicity which is evident in OSRS' runescape player count. I don't feel that you're completely correct though, as the others have mentioned one of those matters with RS3 is that you can make it as easy or as complex as you want.

When it's your thing you can play with the heritage interface style with the excess action bar now and throw full revo on and be nice for every boss ingame, you're not gont get kill time records but certainly what's available to you, particularly with hotkeys, I believe that is exactly what they were going for with RS3, having the ability to customize everything but certainly because of that the skill ceiling is incredibly high and maybe not having the ability to master the runescape game for some individuals is offputting and they'd like that not be there, however I don't believe you've got much of a debate there.

Either the implementation they moved for was retarded and also this OSRS Gold push to enter the mobile marketplace is retarded when you truly think about the runescape game that RS3 is. If you feel you're gonna be in a position to do anything than afk revo on cellular then you are very misguided, and maybe because of this there will be a massive push to make the entire match afk revo (which I presume they have to some degree ) but I think they realise that they'll lose much of the runescape playerbase that they have left to it. They learnt their lesson by releasing EoC in that attempting to earn RS more broadly accessible did not go well.Time investment is not of just


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