Instagram is one of the well-known social network services that can definitely be considered to be playing a major role in our everyday lives. Via Instagram stories, we can show ourselves and show to the world our daily activities by uploading a photo or a video. There are instances when you would like to possess a copy of the activities simply because these Instagram stories are just accessible for up to 24 hours. After that, if these are not saved or archived, they will be gone forever. Unfortunately, the functionality of saving stories on Instagram is not available. This content will show you how to prevent losing memories you posted on Instagram. There are several techniques to assist you.


Your entire Day Video Instagram Stories: Download It

The following guidance will let you save a day's worth of stories within a Instagram story video. For future uses, this video will be available. Although the stories are merged in one video and not in individual clips, it's still a lot better than not having a duplicate of them. It might, therefore, have you a time to search for the part you wish to check out since it is buried among all your other videos, but is not that preferable to losing your content altogether?


Search for the "Your Story" button. That's what you ought to do first. Usually this is in the upper left part of your feed. Many choices will pop-up after clicking on the 3 dots icon. The choice we are trying to find is the Save Story. It may take a while to render your video. Your own video will now be ready to play anytime you need it.


Saving Clips of Instagram Stories Individually

This technique can enable you to save the clips individually as opposed to one huge video file of the whole day's events. Therefore, this will let you download and watch in the future the clips you want to and save you lots of time from viewing the other clips that you're not interested in. In this procedure you must pick the SAVE VIDEO option rather than the SAVE STORY choice you did in the first above.


Download Stories from Other Instagram Users

By using a third party website, you can easily download Instagram stories of other Instagram users. These websites have similar functionality and functions. It all rely on you which sites you are comfortable with. Whatever your own reasons behind downloading these Instagram stories owned by some other account owners are less crucial.


How to make use of a third party site for downloading

Open your selected third party site and make sure to check the kind of info it requires. Then make sure to prepare it, whether it is the username or direct link and paste it on your browser. You will be asked to choose which of the Instagram Story moments you want to save. After making up your mind which videos to download, select the Save Link As option and you will be requested the destination to save the video clip.


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