Presented by Pépinières, the film One-Minded receives the Mitrani Prize

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The film One-minded, by Sébastien Simon and Forest Ian Etsler, presented by Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes in the framework of the 12th edition of the FIPA’s Young Creation Video-Cinema section, received the Mitrani Prize 2016. The two young film makers received a 5000€ check from France Télévision, which will enable them to achieve their second project, co-produced between the United States, South Korea and France.

Not only this prize awards these two film makers for their singularity and inventiveness, but it also rewards Pépinières for over twelve years of support to young artists and their cinematic expressions through a faithful collaboration with the FIPA.



Two Korean women share a flat. One night, one of them brings home a man she met in a bar, while two burglars have entered the flat. As it adopts the point of view of a ventilator, the camera screens the space and creates multiple off-screen actions that escape from the viewer’s sight. The dramaturgy reveals itself into a game of hide and seek patterned by the ventilator’s oscillations.

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