Governo Italiano - Ministro della Gioventu
Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Youth is an administrative organization, part of the Ministry of Youth whose role is to support said Ministry in the execution of its institutional duties: promoting the rights of youth to take part in public life, to have a home, to education and technology innovation; promoting policies aimed at introducing youth into the work market and supporting their entrepreneurial activities; promoting and supporting creative activities, cultural and show business initiatives, cultural and study travels for the youth; access of youth to projects, programmes, national, international and Community funding, including those relevant to youth communities.

Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism – General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Suburbs
; works for the quality of architecture and urban planning in connection with the upgrading of urban suburbs, research activity, care and promotion of contemporary art and architecture, with great attention to development, diffusion and support to youth creativity.

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - General Directorate for Museums curates museums and state cultural venues collections, with regard to accession, loan, cataloguing, enjoyment and development policies. It supervises the national museum system and coordinates the regional museum centres. It carries out functions and tasks aimed at developing the cultural heritage as well, favouring the active participation of the users and assuring effective knowledge and common enjoyment experiences.

MiBACT – Directorate General for performance arts DG S. The Directorate General for performance arts carries out functions and tasks concerning the activities of live performance, with reference to music, dance, theatre, circuses and travelling entertainment shows.The Directorate also carries out activities of national and international promotion to enhance the awareness of Italian creativity abroad and to support young emerging talent.


ANCI Associazione Nazionali Comuni Italiani
ANCI National Association of Italian Municipalities is a non-profit organisation with about 7000 affiliated Municipalities representing 90% of the population. This is the evidence that ANCI is firmly rooted in the fabric of Italian society, geography and culture. Ultimate objective of ANCI’s activities is to represent and to protect all interests and activities of Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities and organizations affiliated to Municipalities in all institutional planning sessions and towards all other governmental counterparts; to prepare documents and proposals for the Government and the Parliament on the main points of interest for Municipalities; to carry out publications and events aimed at supporting Municipalities in gaining knowledge of the relevant complex law system: this is, in summary, the political and institutional field of action of the Association.