Opening ZOOart 2011

Fresia Gardens-the tenth edition of ZOOart

The opening of the tenth edition of this contemporary art exhibition situated in the public space will take place on the 30th June at 9.00pm at the Fresia gardens of Cuneo, where the event first began.
This annual event of fresh contemporary creation will enrich the city of Cuneo with open space and evening exhibitions as it has since 2002 each summer in the city’s green spaces presenting artistic projects and art works.
This year will be even more exiting thanks to a selection of works based on the ecological theme, thought in the meantime as environmental, social and mental, and to all their interrelated expressions.
This event will have the nature of a public workshop, explored through workshops and through the presentation of interactive projects that will require the combined participation of artists and viewers, not to mention cultural associations and private local partners.
A trip into the past of ZOOart will be taken through a presentation in the Fresia gardens that will map the artists that have participated in this event throughout the years.

The performance art and electronic music presentation ZOOlive will be further elaborated this year organised in collaboration with the cultural association Origami and supported by the Cuneo Province. Eight performers including Filippo Berta, Helen Cerina, Francesca Cola, Elenia De Pedro e Fabian Cohn, Nina Fiocco, Valentina Taricco e Chiara Zenzani and ten electronic music DJs will present their projects in the evenings from Thursday to Saturday during the entire duration of ZOOart, from the 30th June to the 16th July at the Fresia Gardens of Cuneo and the Historical Centre of Borgo San Dalmazzo.
A partnership with the label Betulla Records has made possible the realisation of three workshops dedicated to composition, electronic music mixing and VJing. The workshops will take place at the Youth Centre Q.i in Cuneo, entrance is free.
Finally there will be a special collaboration with a local internet TV provider to stimulate interaction between the project organisers and the ZOOlive evening events, to broadcast some of the exhibition content on the internet.

Outside of the confines of the Fresia Gardens in the central streets Via Roma and Contrada Mondovì, ZOOincittà (ZOO in the city) will take place, this year as an itinerary of urban installations curated by the Art.ur collective. The event is supported by the Via Roma and Contrada Mondovì businesses Commission and proposes playful scenography in accordance with the theme of eco-sustainability. The installations will be visible from the 7 – 31st July.

The workshop “Con quel che c’é” (with what we have), part of ZOObimbi (ZOOkids) allows children to use their imagination, through the creative use of recycled objects and materials, re-elaborated to make alternative instruments and imaginative games that use natural energy sources. The workshops will take place in the Fresia Gardens Thursday and Friday during ZOOart.

ZOOart will take place the Fresia Gardens from 30th June until 17th July. Thirty eight national and international young artists will be involved, selected by the curators of the Art.ur Association.

The first week will expose:
-Alice Bradshaw, Simona Da Pozzo, Elenia De Pedro, Chloé Dierckx, Daniel Eggli, Alessandra Giannandrea, Federica Gonnelli, Chen Li, Simone Martinetto, Irina Novarese, Le Ossidoriduzioni, Irene Pittatore, Giorgia Severi, Aurore Vandember

The second week will expose:
Letizia Calori + Violette Maillard, Marcelo Ertorteguy + Sara Valente, Roberto Fassone, Mollie Anna King and Paul Hegarty, Daniela Murgia, NoiSeGrUp, Ornaghi & Prestinari, Martin Romeo, Chiara Zenzani

The third week will expose:
Paolo Ansaldi, Nicoletta Casali + Katiuscia mari + Chiara Sgaramella, Marianna Di Palma, L'Epimeteide Angelo Airò Farulla + Elena Fatichenti + Daria Pastina, Marcello Fiore, Maurizio Milanesio, Fabio Presti, Angela Angel Viora, Devis Venturelli

The program of ZOOlive:
Thursday 30 June, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Elenia De Pedro, Marco Pennacchio and Fabian Cohn and dj set by Dj Bubu
Friday 1, Borgo San Dalmazzo, performance by Elenia De Pedro, Marco Pennacchio and Fabian Cohn and dj set by Simone Pea
Saturday 2, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Francesca Cola and dj set by Nuz_d/Undergranda
Thursday 7, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Chiara Zenzani and dj set by Hartmann
Friday 8, Borgo San Dalmazzo, performance by Filippo Berta and dj set by Cigno
Saturday 9, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Helen Cerina and live set by MCD
Thursday 14, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Nina Fiocco and live set by Daniele Sciolla
Friday 15, Borgo San Dalmazzo, performance by Nina Fiocco e dj set by Inedia
Saturday 17, Fresia Gardens, Cuneo, performance by Valentina Taricco and dj set by Maurizio Lore

The ZOOlive workshops:
Saturday 9th July, Q.i Youth Centre, Cuneo, Create electronic music with software / Ableton Live, teacher Alessandro Brignone, 4.00pm – 7.00pm.
Saturday 16th July, Q.i Youth Centre, Cuneo, The Veejay and the use of images with music, teacher Vj Redd, 4.00pm – 7.00pm.
Saturday 9th July, Q.i Youth Centre, Cuneo, The DJ in the digital world / Native Instruments Traktor, teacher Michele Dimiccoli (Dj Bubu), 4.00pm – 7.00pm.

All the initiatives will be funded and assisted by the Piedmont Region, Cuneo Province, Cuneo Council, Turin Council, Borgo San Dalmazzo Council, CRC Foundation, CRT Foundation, GAI, La Gaia Collection, Albertina Accadamy of Turin, Ordine degli architetti of Cuneo Province.