Lissone Design Award - Design for food, design to feed

Lissone (MB)


The discipline of Design has addressed and integrated various typological variations, the most recent of which specifically concerns food and nutrition in general. Nutrition is an area in which Design needs to be enhanced and used to rationalize ideas for mass consumption that revolve around the primary gesture of feeding.
Food Design is therefore the application of Design to research into solutions to the problems created by the food sector and deals with projects in a broad sense: from the design of objects used in the preparation and consumption of food to spaces for the “rituals of nourishment”, to the design of “edible objects”.
The City of Lissone, with the activities of its Museum of Contemporary Art, intends to directly and actively join in the current debate on the themes of food. In view of the Universal Expo to be held in Milan in 2015, whose theme is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, it is organizing the Lissone Design Award 2013, the title of which is: “Design for Food, Design to Feed”.
The competition aims to address food-related issues, resolvable and renewable through design, in relation to the complexity of its many aspects: from individual nourishment with the design of foodstuffs and the instruments for preparing and presenting food, to the social aspects of food, with objects for its sharing and spaces of conviviality: designs dealing with food, between ritual and function.

The Lissone Design Award, now in its fourth biennial edition, is an open design competition, which aims to explore innovative ideas around a theme, emphasizing the role of design in order to support future appliances in relation to its region.
The aim of the Lissone Design Award is to imagine new solutions dealing with the theme of food that are capable of drawing from the contemporary debate ideas and projects to generate stimulating imaginative horizons of design. In this vision, the City of Lissone acts as a virtuous example, in which traditional and advanced research into design becomes the ideal arena for testing new applications.

The competition is open to students at Universities and Academies (Design, Architecture, Engineering, Arts), and high schools with artistic and design streams, and to professionals (designers, artists, architects and drafters) of any nationality, with no age limit. A special prize will be reserved for the best participants under 26.
Participation can be individual or by group. In the latter case the entry must indicate a group leader who will act as the referent for all participants.
Each entrant can participate in only one of the 2 thematic categories, with only one project submission.
The designers assume all responsibility for the originality of their projects and participation is under the personal responsibility of the participant.
The following are excluded: projects in production, those submitted to other contests or that have already been published; the projects must not have been presented in public before, under penalty of exclusion from the competition. Participation is forbidden to the jury members, their families, employees of the City of Lissone and the sponsoring institutions and/or companies.
Participation is free of charge.

The sum set for the Lissone Design Award is divided into 2 thematic categories, for each of which the results will indicate those classified as prize winners and the special mentions.
For the “Function” category: Euro2,000.00 for the 1st prize winner; Euro1,500.00 for the 2nd prize winner; Euro1,000.00 for the 3rd prize winner and Euro500.00 for the best entry Under 26.
For the “Ritual” category: Euro2,000.00 for the 1st prize winner; Euro1,500.00 for the 2nd prize winner; Euro1,000.00 for the 3rd prize winner and Euro500.00 for the best entry Under 26.
The above amounts are before tax payable.
Some other special prizes or special mentions may be awarded by the choice of the jury or through the support of sponsors.
The award ceremony will take place in December 2013, with the winning projects and some selected entries being exhibited in a thematic exhibition at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea of Lissone. The award ceremony will take place on the occasion of the exhibition.If the project is selected for the thematic exhibition, the participant will be required to provide a scale model/prototype, on penalty of exclusion from the exhibition.
All the projects selected and those considered meritorious will be collected in a publication. The City Council will promote the possibility of an exhibition of winning entries and those that receive a special mention at a location to be identified in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile 2014.

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