Pandora Bangles UK Sale

I always prefer autumn releases to spring and the Pandora Bangles UK Sale Fall 2016 collection is just beautiful. It’s underpinned by some beautiful blush and olive tones though some darker, jewel colours are available. Unfortunately there seems to have been a delay on the new Fascinating cubic zirconia charms hitting the UK though I have found them in Denmark.

Pandora Bracelets With Charms Sale UK Rose is sadly still exclusive to select markets though it is slowly expanding as we saw it launch in the UK earlier this year. It still has restricted availability there also where it’s a concept store exclusive and unavailable online aside from via the Pandora UK E-Store. Today sees a small release for Pandora Rose though it’s predominantly jewellery pieces as opposed to new charms.

I’m still so longing to see Pandora Rose launch in Denmark. We were part of the initial trial (at least the Copenhagen Flagship Store was) but haven’t yet been treated to the whole line. I’ve always adored the warmth of rose gold and it suits my super pale skin far better than yellow gold, yet of course it’s accompanied by a heft price tag. Pandora Rose seems the perfect solution and I’m hoping Pandora keep expanding it’s availability.

Today sees the official global launch of the Pandora Starter Bracelets UK Sale Christmas 2016 collection. Actually the launch seems to have been staggered with some UK retailers listing their charms as early as last week. Though US based retailers generally sell their stock ahead of the official launch date, the procedure is generally more structured in Europe. Regardless today is when you’ll see the phenomenal marketing machine that is Pandora begin.

I have always had a weakness for Pandora Leather Bracelets Sale UK winter collections. Pandora’s sparkling aesthetic and the Christmas season are so perfectly suited to each other and though we’re only in November, I find myself getting more than a touch excited when I browse these new charms.