Relaxation therapy - thermopuncture + biologically active points massage + aromatherapy massage

Have an hour of fun and take care of your body!

The voucher includes:

    Massage of biologically active points according to the complaints
    Thermal press
    Aroma back massage

Massage of biologically active points:
Exposure to BAT with the help of spot massage leads to the disappearance of pain,
to the release of endorphins that block the pain and also to the intensification of pain
blood circulation in this area of the body where needed. Chinese
Massage helps restore strength and relaxation. Spot massage helps to nourish all organs and tissues with oxygen more intensively, accelerates metabolism. Point massage relaxes tense muscles, helps to expel waste from metabolism and toxins from the body faster.
The body's resistance to disease increases and the person feels full with
energy. Proper treatment of these points has great healing power. This is the main one
cause massage to be one of the most effective ways to treat and prevent it
of various diseases or conditions.

Thermo-puncture - is a method of warming the biologically-active points on human skin. This leads to reflex and humoral reactions on the part of the body, increases immunity, adaptation capacity, regulates the function of internal organs, activates blood circulation, forms biologically-active substances.

Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy is a healing method that uses natural essential oils for medical and cosmetic purposes, as well as for affecting
psychological states. Fragrances help conserve the vital energy of
the body and increase the tone, affecting blood circulation and soothing
the senses. Essential oils have a very strong scent and are unique
ability to penetrate the skin, respiratory tract and mouth.This property, combined with antiseptic, tonic, psychotherapeutic and other specific properties of oils makes them an invaluable aid in the fight against moods and disease states.

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