Chakra foot massage

We use more sophisticated methods to activate the self-healing powers of the body than the previously known foot massage therapy in ludhiana. For this we help the healing vibrations of stones, colors, the essential oils, as concentrated herbal active ingredients, the vibration of the proper frequencies of music, and our hands.

Our chakras affect the function of our internal organs through their respective secreted glands. If the chakras are "clogged", energy blocks are formed. Stimulating and vibrating the chakra points unlocks the blocks.

It harmonizes the hormone system at the body level, strengthens the immune system, reduces physical symptoms, e.g. joint problems, lower back pain, digestive problems, circulatory problems, under or overactive thyroid gland, headache. etc It solves negative feelings at the spiritual level, brings in your long-buried bodily and spiritual feelings, which are reclassified so that you are in harmony with yourself.

Chakra foot massage is a complex, cleansing, balancing, and peaceful therapy.

Who is it recommended for?

    For everyone who wants to be healthier, more balanced.
    Who wants to do for themselves
    And also for those who want a special experience.

When not recommended?

    For infectious diseases
    In epileptic diseases
    In the case of open wounds on the leg, fungal infections
    Immediately after surgery

What will happen?

The treatment is done in a dress lying on a relaxing massage table, accompanied by special music, with the help of essential oils and minerals. The treatment lasts for 50 minutes, followed by a conversation.

I recommend it to those who want to experience relaxation, inner peace, as a kind of meditative experience. The healing power of minerals, the healing and harmonizing power of essential oils and music. The treatments release the stress and tension that builds up in us, and the flow of our energies is activated.

Application in massage

The aim of the massage is to bring the deeply buried, buried body and soul feelings, and then with the help of energies to get in harmony and balance. Foot Chakra Massage is a cleansing, balancing, and peaceful therapy.

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