Buying Guide for Your Area Rug


Buying a rug is no more difficult these days because many experts are sharing tips and tricks. If you are someone who is going to buy a rug for the first time, you should know some shopping strategies. Many of us make mistakes while purchasing a rug. A rug is not a lightweight item. Its transport would be costly. You can get into the trouble of replacing the rug. However, some stores like Rug Direct offer  rugs in Christchurch   with the free home trial. 

 Size and Placement

 One of the most common mistakes first-time rug buyers make is selecting an inappropriate size rug. A too-small rug will look like an insensible way to decor your home, whereas an oversized carpet will look like a clumsy effort. Just like buying the right size outfit, finding the right size rug is essential. 

 For your living room, a rug should allow the front legs to be placed on it. For your dining room, the carpet size should be big enough to let you scoot your chair from the table without snagging the edges. For your bedroom, your bare feet should land on the rug instead of the floor. 

Rug Materials 

 The decision on rug materials is based on the traffic of your home, your family members, and the budget. If your home receives higher traffic, wool, cotton, sisal or synthetic rug will be an ideal choice. Kids and pets are hard on rugs. For such a home, a durable fiber rug will be an ideal choice such as wool and synthetic fibers. For moderate traffic, a wool and silk rug can meet their needs. Silk rugs are expensive, but the symbol of luxury. 

 Rug Styles

 One of the most intimidating parts of selecting a rug is looking for the right style. In this context, rugs have two prime categories - oriental and modern. Oriental rugs feature a floral theme with lots of intricate artwork. On the other hand, modern rugs feature geometrical patterns or no pattern. According to your room interior, you can decide a well suitable rug. 

 Rug Color 

 It depends on the traffic in your home and your personal choice. If you are a lazy person who doesn't like to clean the rug often, a dark hue can be the best option. A light color rug can make the room look spacious. A mixed color rug can match to your room interior. Now, choices are all yours.