The abstraction abaft Allegory is simple

For those new to Aisle of Exile, these leagues are acting and crave starting a new character. Afterwards their accustomed three-month activity cycle, the alliance is either retired or congenital into the capital bold and your actualization is transferred over to POE Currency the abiding accustomed league, which is basically just the capital game. Anniversary new claiming league, however, offers absolutely new systems that accomplish leveling up a acclimatized acquaintance anniversary time.

The abstraction abaft Allegory is simple: While adrift about maps, you can bandy a net on any monster that qualifies as a barbaric and, if its attenuated enough, abduction it. Anniversary captured monster is stored in your claimed menagerie—a zoo that acts like a cover breadth you can allure your accompany to adhere out.

A new allegory calendar categorizes anniversary of the hundreds of monsters you can abduction and helps clue your advance if you're the blazon of accepting thats—wait for it—gotta bolt 'em all.