The added archetypal is the Angelic Spellcaster

Grinding Accessory Amateur has added two new spellcaster archetypes and six new primary draft spells to POE Currency the game. The two new characters are the Anarchy Spellcaster and the Holly Spellcaster.

The Anarchy Spellcaster uses a arrangement of anarchy draft spells that already abide in the game, as able-bodied as several new ones. One of those is alleged Soulrend, a accomplishment that fires projectiles at enemies and causes draft to them over time. It’s a apathetic spell, and with abutment gems you can apathetic it down even more, hitting the ambition even harder.

The added archetypal is the Angelic Spellcaster. One of its angelic spells is alleged Divine Ire – a channelling accomplishment that, if answerable up, releases a able bolt of angelic activity at the enemy