Their missions could be annoying at times

The new masters are a activity of alpha air. And if I say a breath, I beggarly they acquire in actuality revitalized about the complete game. The best allotment about Betrayal league, for me personally, is breathing that these masters will still be about next league. No bulk what we accretion or lose from Betrayal, or what the new alliance entails, I will admire the new leagues as able-bodied artlessly because the abject bold is so aberrant now.

The new masters are Alva, Niko, Einhar, and Jun. They aswell kept Zana from the aboriginal set. All of the added masters from antecedent leagues acquire been removed, and acknowledge god abounding of them are gone.

Elreon, Vagan, and Tora were just fine. Their missions could be annoying at times, but if accustomed affiliated enough, you would affiliated them up.