Mark Jelli

Musica Classica E Contemporanea
Pop/rock/black/world Music
Nazione di nascita

Objective: A dedicated and motivated musician seeking opportunities to contribute my passion, skills, and creativity to the world of music. I have a profound interest in contemporary music languages and curiosity about how electronic music has forged innovative pathways for improvisation.



- (2022) Licentiate with Distinction in Jazz Performance at the "London College of Music" [EQF 6, University of West London (UK)]

- (2021) Associate with Distinction in Jazz Performance at the "London College of Music" [EQF 5, University of West London (UK)]

- (2020) Diploma in Jazz Performance at the "London College of Music" [EQF 5, University of West London (UK)]

- (2015) High School Diploma in Information Technology [EQF 4, ITT Blaise Pascal Cesena (IT)]

- (2014) Conducting workshop “Improvisation and Conduction” (Steve Reich and contemporary music) with M° Simone Zanchini

- From 2010 to 2017 Jazz Guitar Course at “Scuola Jazz Cesena” (IT) teacher Giovanni ‘Gio’ Belli



- As leader (Composer, Arranger, Lead Guitar)

     - (2023) AFTER FEDRO – Hopper & Degas (Single For "WoW Records")

     - (2023) AFTER FEDRO - DIVING (Single For "WoW Records")

     - (2022) Founder of "AFTER FEDRO" –Degree project - with the d.bass player Mauro Mussoni and drummer Manuel Giovannetti 

- As sideman (rhythm guitar)

     - (2014) "Good Morinig Django" (TRJ Records) - Gio' Belli Jazz Manouche

     - (2018) "Impression Musique Levant" (TRJ Records) Feat. Nico Gori, Valery Haumont - Gio' Belli Jazz

- As co-leader (arrangement, bass, lead and rhythm guitar)

     - (2019) "Gave" – Kennel Break (DTL Records)

     - (2020) "Broken Frames" – Kennel Break (WMA Records)

     - (2021) “Explorations” YT Video Series with G.Belli for Eko Guitars


Performance Experience:

Performed at clubs and jazz festivals across Italy, including “Comacchio Jazz Festival,” “Pieve Classica,” “Jazzenatico Festival,” and “Mamas Club.” Experience on stage and in studio recording with renowned musicians such as Downbeat Rising star’s “Nico Gori” and Italian session drummer Massimo Manzi. Collaborated on stage with Simone Zanchini, Bepi D’amato, Valery Haumont, Gianluca Nanni, Alessandro Scala, Sara Jane Ghiotti, and more.

Original Compositions:

  • Suede (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Dollis Hill (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Argini (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Mirante (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Emostasi (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Black Nose (©SIAE, 2023)
  • Diving (©SIAE, 2022)
  • Hopper & Degas (©SIAE, 2022)

Active projects:

  • “After Fedro” – Composer, Arranger, Lead Guitar [Contemporary Jazz, Original Compositions]
  • “Emerald“ – Co-Arranger, Rhythmic Guitar [European Folk-Pop, Rearranged Covers)
  • Various Jazz Ensembles [Jazz Standards]

Teaching Experience:

  • (2023-2024) Guitar Teacher at “L’Arcangelo Family”
  • (2023-2024) School Band’s Coordinator at “L’Arcangelo Family”
  • (2018-2020) Guitars ensemble curator for the project “#Faccedaband” at secondary school (Cesena in Musica)
  • (2018-2024) Private Guitar Teacher


  •  Ableton Live 10 Suite, Audacity, Guitar Pro 7, Guitar Rig 5, Neck Diagrams.