Drop of Water Under a New Tongue


OPEN CALL for Artists from Italy, Cyprus and Portugal

“Drop of Water Under a New Tongue” - 20-day intensive residency at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, running from July 3 to 23, 2024.

Application Deadline: June 11, 2024


Drop of Water under a New Tongue is a 20-day intensive residency program supported by Municipality of Milan – Fabbrica del Vapore, Clube Português de Artes e Ideias, Department of Contemporary Culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture of Cyprus and developed in collaboration with BJCEM – Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

Fabbrica del Vapore is an important Milanese hub of creativity and innovation. The residency will be organized in this direction, giving the venue a strong connotation of a welcome place, an incubator of new ideas where an exchange among the artists of the residency, the curator and the place will permit to carry on research, new artistic practices, and peer to peer learning.


  • Opening up to various contexts, non-centralized forms of representation and plural identity perspectives through the creative languages of visual, multimedia, and performative arts;

  • Promoting and enhancing the work of young international artists, who will obtain an important showcase for their practices;

  • Fostering new paths to being, becoming and reimagining in the post-digital age;

  • Offering the artists the chance to embrace other peers and the curator experience.

Artists are invited to conceive a process-based project, collaborate with local communities and professionals to present their practices, or further develop their existing research.

The working group Drop of Water under a New Tongue will be composed of:

  • Ivana Meštrov, curator of the residency;
  • Up to 4 selected artists coming from Portugal, Italy and Cyprus selected through this international Open Call.


The second international residency of the aligned BJCEM – Fabbrica del Vapore Artist-in-Residency titled Drop of Water under a New Tongue focuses on the paradoxes of connective, exploring the pouring and controlling of the subjective as well as the objective in the era of digital shifts, and the potential of glitch, as an incentive to hear one another in the middle of the current turmoil of our daily life. Even though the term glitch is usually used in digital domain, it is here borrowed from L. Russell’s glitch feminism, which points out to the problem in social structure disrupted by economical, racial, social, sexual, and cultural stratification and imperialistic processes that continue to violate our bodies. The glitch in the structure, therefore, is not a mistake, but rather the opposite, a correction or at least an extension, to begin with.

Over the past decade, especially in recent years, there has been a mutation from the conjunctive form of bodily communication to the connective, as noted by F. Bifo. As we seek different beginnings amid growing uncertainty, social polarity and economic precarity, we increasingly recognize that reality is not just there for us but must be sought and conquered anew through manifold new strategies of connectivity, intersectional and transhistorical research, collaboration and interaction beyond the human. Only then can our bodies, as solitary carriers, potentially deliver us into the future, which will in turn carry us like a drop of water under a new tongue.

An Artist-in-Residency program offers fertile ground for these inquiries bringing together diverse practitioners, enhancing the complexities of their genealogies, living and working conditions, and creating spaces for research, exchange and solidarity, while encouraging productive dialogues with the new context.

For more information and details of the application click here.