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I am a Performance artist from Rome; there I got a degree in Humanities (Foreign Languages). During that time I followed courses of theatre, singing technique, belly dance and drawing.  I also experienced working in movies and commercials in Rome and also in Barcelona. After a couple of years of “regular job” I realized I wanted to research and develop in the field of performance art. So I decided to move to Amsterdam in 2008. Initially more focused in voice, I followed the Estill Voice professional stage (till the advanced level) and took private lessons with the same technique. I was also part of a gospel/pop choir “SingerG” for two years. I write my own songs, which I performed in festivals and diverse events (among them: Magneet Festival, Amsterdam Roots festival, Dancehall riders in Italy ect). In my vocal performances  I compose and improvise with a loop pedal, synthesizer, few live instruments and programs, as solo performance, live installation, or as accompaniment for theatre dance pieces or in collaboration with dancers and visual artists.       Intrigued more and more by the fusion between different fields of art, I started to follow more courses of theatre (Stanislavski and mime), dance workshops and I started to get in touch with different artists to explore together the possibilities of communication and blending of different skills and art forms discovering also the power of the improvisation. In fact I am also part of a theatre dance collective based in Amsterdam “Mono Collective” since 2011 ( It is a precious experience for me being part of a group that is so versatile and diverse: together we research, we learn, we create, we perform and we improvise.