DE.a.RE – DEconstruct and REbuild is a three-year long research, public program, and educational platform supported by the Creative Europe Program. It comprises three iterations of online classes, conferences, surveys, advocacy, and awareness raising campaigns. Through these activities, it responds to the institutional, ethical, operational and sustainability issues confronting cultural organisations and practitioners in the expanded Mediterranean as they deal with increasing precarisation and radical transitions.

"Gathering spells" is the title of the second online educational program, which will be built based on the survey developed in collaboration with sociologist Bernardo Armanni. De.a.Re curatorial team would like to invite you to answer THIS SURVEY. 


Your answers will be the building blocks of a participatory educational platform, 'Gathering Spells', catering to identified needs and unique concerns in a time of converging crisis and emerging alternatives. Therefore, we would also like to invite you to become a participant by applying to the enclosed OPEN CALL. Even if you will not be joining the program, we kindly ask you to answer the survey anyhow. We are very grateful for dedicating your time.