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My name is Pasquale Saporito, I was born and grew up in southern Italy, precisely in San Gregorio Magno (SA) a small town in ancient Lucania. Since I was a child, thanks to the numerous influences received in the family, I have shown  to have strong aptitudes towards art. I studied Music, especially guitar and bass; I attended theater classes with great Neapolitan masters. Passionate about the concept of psychological relativism in Pirandello, and inspired by the novels and comedies "One Nobody and One Hundred Thousand" and "Il fu mattia pascal", I decided to enroll in the Faculty of Psychological Sciences, to investigate and study the fundamentals of the human psyche. Over time I have concentrated my studies and passions in different directions, such as Computer Science and Art, trying to reconcile the various interests and draw new perspectives of reasoning and application, this helped me to develop a transversal thought, giving me the formula to manage stress situations on various occasions, not just work. In the years simultaneous to the academy, I started working as a Visual Designers as a freelancer, working in support of companies, start-ups, public bodies and associations.