BLOW OUT - concerto per rabbia

BLOW OUT - concerto per rabbia

interactive performance - photo - video

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performer Tiziana Contino

performer /musicians/composers/songwriter Arch quartet (vers. 2010), Sabina Caruso (vers. 2011, 2012, 2013) , Marta Coletti (vers. 2012), Laura Masotto (vers. 2013), Carlo Tuzza (vers. 2015)


2015 I-ART, “5 piazze, 5 sensi” C.o.C.A. Archivio Biblioteca Arti Contemporanee, Modica (I) curator Chiara Canali and Canecapovolto

2013 PREMIO ARTE LAGUNA | finalist in performing art Arsenale, Venezia (I), curators Igor Zanti, giuria Umberto Angelini, Gabriella Belli, Adam Budak, Cecilia Freschini, Mario Gerosa, Lina Lazaar, Kanchi Mehta, Sabine

Schaschl, Felix Schöber, Claudia Zanfi

2012 AAM Auditorium Sole24ore, Milano (I) curator Chiara Canali

2011 RELOAD: SO EXOTIC! Exhibition Performance Series, Officine Rosati, Roma (I) curator Chiara Vigliotti and Francesco Lucifora

2011 In Corpo video, BT’F gallery, Bologna (I) curator Emanuele Beluffi

2010 Premio Celeste finalist, selected by Antonio Arévalo, Laura Barreca, Cathryn Drake, Manuela Annibali, Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania (I) curator Julia Draganovic and Gabi Scardi



An audio-visual and tactile interactive form of thought concert, performed by the users (public) led by myself and a various musicians. The idea comes from the absolute and widespread lack of tender-ness and confidence in Contemporary society .There is a fear rooted to ‘the other by itself’, ‘the unknown ‘. This project aims to wipe out the di-stance and distrust we find in our daily life and in relationships with others.The performance ‘BLOW OUT – Concert for anger’ is a work of interaction audio-visual touch between the audience, the orchestra and performers.


At the entrance hall, the audience will be invited to ‘blow out their anger ‘in a special yellow balloon that will be on its chair with a black marker with which ‘give a name to their anger’. The quartet will scan the intervention of the public with ascending tones. The performer will be dressed in black latex (seductive and horrifying) similarly to the figure of Medusa in greek mythology, the masked of performer will offer opportunity for the public to express themselves freely in their anger, because not recognize a specific individual in your interlocutor, helps psychologically to open. Once inflated and written to the yellow balloons will explode in a row in a row with a rate given by the performer and vocally by the quartet. The result will be a mix of music produced by the explosion of balloons and sounds produced by the quartet and the performer, an interactive dialogue, a growing feeling that this finds its climax.A kind of therapy where the energy is transformed into a regenerative process, a alchemical flow in which a feeling energy like anger is purified by the expulsion and its transformation into energy of emotional impulse new and revitalization of the human being himself, who becomes music, anger sound that is released simultaneously in a broad but clear sound.