Naively thinking that Saudi Arabia would willingly give up billions in profits just because the US wants to stick it to Russia isn even cute

Here are some of the questions you should ask:Does the group operate as a profit or not for profit business?Does it fall under a national governing body (NGB) like US Lacrosse, USA Hockey, Pop Warner, etc?Who is accountable or responsible for decisions made or actions taken by the organization?Is it a corporation or a partnership? (Tip: by going to the website of your state's Secretary of State you can obtain annual reports of profit and not for profit corporations, both those incorporated in your state and "foreign" corporations (those registered to do business in your state but incorporated elsewhere) as well as the names of officers and directors. Not for profits are also required to register with the state's Attorney General, typically in a division relating to charities, and to file annual reports on their finances and fundraising activities. An organization that hasn't kept current with its annual filings is a red flag that it may be taking short cuts in other areas, such as player safety, having in place the appropriate insurance in case of negligence etc.)Are two signatures required on every check?2.

Delusional, dishonest, sexist, destructive are only but a small selection of words to describe Blatter. The only support this man has is from Russia and Qatar which says much about his integrity. Why hasn't the world had enough? Surely the on going reputation of this wonderful sport is being tarnished by a man only interested in money. He may be the most expensive player in the world, but that doesn't make him the best. The Welshman picked up 25 votes, in comparison to 413 for eventual winner Ronaldo. He is, however, rather popular in New Zealand.

Naively thinking that Saudi Arabia would willingly give up billions in profits just because the US wants to stick it to Russia isn even cute, it just stupid. Why woudl the Saudis drop their production levels recently when Putin has just gotten more aggressive? WHy not keep the pressure up? How would the US compensate SA for loss of profits? Hand them billions? Fuck no. Public outrage would be immense, and you can just hide that.

The most emblematic case concerns Russia Italian coach. With an estimated annual salary well in excess of $11 million, according to Russian and international media reports, Fabio Capello was by far the biggest earner of the tournament. And yet, Russia failed to qualify from a group that included Belgium, South Korea and Algeria.. She further said, "While conceptualizing the 'Waka Waka' video we understood each other perfectly. One of most important factors for the success of a collective effort is respecting each other's views. Sometimes you may not agree fully with an idea put forward by the other person involved in the process.

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